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Button setup for Android

Use an Android device to setup your Airnoise button

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NOTE: These instructions are only for the Gen2 rechargeable Seeed and AWS Enterprise buttons with a device serial number (DSN) that starts with "G030PM...". 

To use an Android device such as an Samsung phone or Google tablet to setup your Airnoise button, you must first download the android app here:

The following steps guide you through using the AWS 1-Click app to setup your button and connect it to your home's WiFi network. Use these steps any time you need to reconnect it, such as when your WiFi network name or password change. We suggest you read through all of the steps before you start, and then read each step again as you follow the guide.

NOTE: This process should only take 2-3 minutes. If at any point the 1-Click app hangs or otherwise doesn't seem to be advancing, please restart the setup. At no point does any of this require you to wait more than a minute for something to happen, do please don't stare at it for 20 minutes while the app claims to be doing something.

HELPFUL TIP: If the button's light stops flashing blue before you've got it connected, don't worry. Just press it again for 7 seconds to turn on the blue light and pick up where you left off.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Start the Amazon app. 

NOTE: The app may ask for permission to use your device's Bluetooth, camera, and current location -- you must "allow" these in order for the app to work properly. Click the WiFi setup icon in the top-right corner.

MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: You DO NOT need or want to create an AWS account to use this app or enter a credit card number. DO NOT CLICK THE BIG "LOGIN" BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM!

2. Tap the blue "Configure Wi-Fi" button on the next screen.

3. Scan the button's DSN by tapping the "Scan" button at the bottom of the screen.

  • For the Gen2 rechargeable Seeed button, the DSN and barcode are printed on the back of the device itself.

  • For the AWS Enterprise button, the DSN and barcode are printed on a label on the end of the box the button came in. If you don't have the box, you can try to scan the small QR code on the back of the button or enter the DSN manually. The DSN is printed on the back of the device in very tiny type, so you may need to take a picture with your phone and zoom in to read it.

NOTE: If you enter the DSN manually it will contain the number zero but not any capital letter O's. 

4. Use your device's camera to scan the barcode. You may have to tap the image to get the camera to focus on the barcode properly. A green overlay of the DSN will appear in the viewfinder across the barcode and your device will buzz or beep when it reads the barcode. If you need more light tap the lightning bold icon on the top-right corner. 

Once you see "1 Device(s) Added" tap the blue "Stop Scanning" button.

Here's what you'll see scanning the Gen2 Seeed button:

5. The next page shows you the DSN of the button that you scanned. Tap the blue "Configure Device" button to continue.

6. The next page directs you to press the button for 6 seconds to turn on the blue light. This activates the button so the app can connect to it. Once the blue light is flashing the app will automatically connect to the button.

7. When the app connects to the button it will transition to the next page. Here you need to tap the small triangle in the "Wi-Fi SSID" box to see the detected Wi-Fi networks. Select your home's Wi-Fi network from this list. Enter your Wi-Fi password in the "Wi-Fi Password" box and click the blue "Confirm" button.

8. The app may take a few seconds to configure the button with your Wi-Fi information. While it does you'll see the screen below with "Device Configuration In progress" and once the button is configured, you'll see "Device Configuration Success".

  • For the Gen2 Seeed button, the WiFi configuration LED will go from flashing blue to solid blue, then it will go out. This should take at most 15-20 seconds.

  • On the AWS Enterprise button, the button's light will flash white then turn solid green. This can take up to 45 seconds.

NOTE: For the Gen2 rechargeable button, if the Wi-Fi password you enter is incorrect, the Wi-Fi status LED will continue to blink blue while the app screen may indicate "Device Configuration Success". This is a bug in the AWS 1-Click app -- please ignore the app's "success" message. Click the X in the top right corner, exit the setup, and retry the process. 

You can click the "Finish" button to close this screen. The app may ask you if it's okay to close the app -- do this.

9. To truly test that your button is connected to your WiFi, assuming you saw the light turn solid blue or solid green, or even if you're not sure if you did or didn't, click it for about 3-4 seconds and release it. 

This will send a test signal to Airnoise (it won't generate a complaint), and in return the system will immediately send an email to the address you signed-up with letting you know your button is working. You can test your button anytime by doing this. If you receive that email, your button is good to go! Now get clicking!

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