Have you tried filing a noise complaint with an "official" site? Most of them are cumbersome and time-consuming to use and require you to fill out a web page and all the details of the disturbance every single time. Many enforce a 15- to 30-minute delay between an aircraft flying over your house and when you can file a noise complaint against it.

Some sites actually store your information so you don't have to re-enter it every time, but you still have to login and provide some information about what bothered you. Some even provide a mobile app, but they still require you to fill in a form to submit a complaint.

We don't put you through that — just click the button, send a text, or tap the icon on the web site and you're done. 

In addition to making it faster and easier to file a complaint, we also provide an entirely independent record of your complaints that's not controlled by a public or quasi-public entity whose primary reason for being is certainly not collecting noise complaints against the airport that pays their bills. 

Need a copy of your detailed complaints? Just ask us and we'll send them to you, and soon you'll be able to download them directly yourself. We're not aware of any airport authority that offers that level of service or control.

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