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How do I add an icon to Airnoise on my phone?

Setup an icon on an iOS or Android device

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Updated over a week ago is a responsive web application that works great on mobile devices like iPhones and Android. In fact, you can use it almost just like an app that you install from the app store, and in this article we'll tell you how to add an icon to your device to access the application quickly.

Add an icon on iOS

It's easy to add an icon to the web application on an Apple iOS device. First, open up the site in the Safari browser (yep, gotta use Safari for this). 

When you login to your Airnoise account, be sure to check the "Remember me" box, as shown below with the big red arrow. This will let you open up the app instantly without having to login again (assuming you don't logout of your account on any device).

Once you login, go to the Dashboard page, then click the "share" icon at the bottom of the screen, the one in the red circle above. Then select "Add to Home Screen" as shown below.

You'll now have an icon on your phone that will take you directly to the page in Airnoise where you can file a complaint. 

Add an icon on Android

It's easy to add an icon on Android as well. While we generate Airnoise-specific screenshots for this article, please see the explanation here:

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