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Upgrading, changing, or canceling your Airnoise subscription
Upgrading, changing, or canceling your Airnoise subscription

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription

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NOTE: All of the images shown here are just examples. To actually perform these actions you must log-in into your account and access the pages there. The links and buttons here cannot be clicked on as they are just static images.

You can change or cancel your Airnoise account subscription at any time, including upgrading, downgrading, or simply canceling your account. Access your account settings as explained in this article.
Your account and subscription information is shown on the Billing tab below.

Upgrading a free subscription

If you have a free subscription you can upgrade to a paid subscription at any time. Paid subscriptions can file an unlimited number of noise complaints and can use the Airnoise button or text message interface to do that. Click the green "Upgrade My Subscription" button shown below.

Paid Airnoise accounts normally come with a 30-day free trial. If you are upgrading from a free account the trial will be 30 days minus however many days you've had your free account.ย 

Downgrading to a free account

You can downgrade a paid subscription to a free one at any time. This is handy if you are going to be gone for a month or more and want to resume your paid subscription when you return. By reverting to a free subscription instead of completely canceling your account your complaint history remains intact.

To revert to a free subscription just click the orange "Revert to Free account" button, pointed to by the red arrow below.

Canceling your account

Though we hate to see you go you are welcome to cancel your Airnoise account at any time. Just click the "Cancel my account" button, shown below.

Canceling your account has the following effects:

  • Your subscription is immediately canceled and no further billing will occur

  • Your account login will be disabled

  • If you have an Airnoise button it will be disabled

  • Any mobile phone numbers activated for text messaging will be removed

What happens to my complaints when I cancel?

We do not destroy noise complaints, even if you cancel your account. If you decide after you cancel your account that you would like a copy of all of your complaint data please contact us and we'll generate it for you.

What should I do with my button if I cancel my account?

You should recycle your Airnoise button like you do other electronic waste. If you have a friend who'd like to use your button with their Airnoise account we are happy to transfer the button to their account. Just have them contact us.

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