NOTE: This does not apply to enterprise buttons with DSN G030 PM...

If your button was inadvertently reset to factory settings, which will happen if the button is pressed continuously for more than 15 seconds, the button's security credentials will be cleared, preventing it from connecting to the internet and to Airnoise. 

You will also need to restore the security credentials if you change the battery in an older version of the Airnoise button.

Contact us first!

Please contact us via the support system and we'll check to see if your button needs security certificates. If it does, we will create new certificates and email them to you.

Once you receive them you'll need to follow the steps below to restore your button. But before you do that, please try to reconnect your button to your Wifi following the instructions in another help article here.

NOTE: You'll need a laptop or desktop computer to run this procedure because you have to download the two files we send you and then upload them to the button. We've tried to do this ourselves with a phone or tablet and have been 100% unsuccessful, so just use a computer.

IMPORTANT! The computer you use to run these steps must be WiFi-capable. Pretty much any computer built in the last 10-15 years has WiFi, so you should be okay. Also, if the computer is connected to your home network with an Ethernet cable, for example plugged into your router or cable/DSL modem, you'll need to temporarily unplug it while you run these steps. This is because the odds are good that your router or another device on your home network is using the same internet address as the button, and you won't be able to connect to the button if your computer is still connected to your network.

Steps to restore the certificates

1. Download the two files we send you to a place you can find them on the same computer you're going to connect to the button. You don't want to view them or use an application to open them — just save them to your computer and remember this location.  One of the files has a *.key file extension, and Mac computers think these are "KeyNote" presentations. They're not, so don't try to open the files -- just save them on your computer.

2. Go to your computer's WiFi settings.

3. Press and hold the Airnoise button for 6 seconds to turn on the blue light.

4. Connect your computer to the button's "Button ConfigureMe - nnn" network.

5. The button's WiFi password is the last 8 digits of the DSN on the back of the button, all uppercase letters, zeroes not capital letter O's, and no spaces.

6. Once you are connected to the button open your internet browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, or Edge/IE).

7. In the browsers's address bar go to

8. This should open the button's configuration page, which looks like the image below.

9. In the Wi-Fi Configuration section, enter (or verify) your home WiFi network's name in the "SSID" box. Enter your WiFi password in the "Password" box.

10. In the "AWS IoT Configuration" section, click the "Choose File" button next to "Certificate". Find the file we sent you that ends in .crt and select it.

11. Click the "Choose File" button next to "Private Key". Find the file we sent you that ends in .key and select it.

12. In the "Endpoint Subdomain" box enter: a186yo8k5lwef5

13. In the "Endpoint Region" box enter: us-west-2

14. Click the "By clicking this box..." box, then click "Configure". Keep an eye on the light on the button and hopefully you'll see it turn to green.

15. You can now reconnect your computer to your home's network and plug the Ethernet cable back into it if you disconnected it.

16. Test your button by clicking and holding it for two seconds (one-potato, two-potato) then releasing it. You should see the white light flash then a steady green light. In just a few seconds you should receive an email from Airnoise at the address in your account letting you know your button is working once again. You can do this 2-second press-to-test any time and should get an email confirming the button is working.

If you ran through these steps and still can't get the button working here are a few things to check:

  • Are you sure you know your WiFi password? Nearly everyone who has trouble connecting or restoring their button is simply using the wrong WiFi password. They're 100% sure they know it and are wrong 99% of the time.

  • You can verify you are using the correct WiFi password by disconnecting your phone or tablet from your WiFi, clicking "forget this network", and then reconnecting. If you have the correct password, congrats — you're in the 1% club! If not, no worries, just figure out what your password really is and retry these steps.

  • If you go through these steps a bit slowly and the button's blue light stops flashing, just pause a second, and don't close your browser. Press and hold the button for 6 seconds to turn the blue light back on, then reconnect the computer's WiFi to the "Button ConfigureMe - nnn" network (it may remember the password for you and reconnect automatically), then refresh the browser page that's on Pick up where you left off.

  • Still flummoxed with a misbehaving button? On very rare occasions (like, 0.3% of the time) something goes a little sideways inside the button and they just refuse to work. If that happens please contact us and we'll work with you to figure out a solution. In the meantime, don't forget that you can still file complaints from the web site or via SMS text message.

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