NOTE: If you have a free account and want to get a button you can order one as part of the upgrade process.

The current Airnoise button is made by Seeed Studios and has a rechargeable battery that should last for many years. However, if you lose or destroy the button, perhaps by running it through the laundry or accidentally smashing it on a hard surface, you can order a new one from us. You might also consider getting an additional button to keep one on your nightstand or in some other location where you frequently experience aircraft noise.

Please don't order a button from Seeed directly -- it won't work with our system because we configure each button specifically to work with Airnoise before we ship them out.

Ordering a new button

If you need to order a new button you can do so from the Buttons tab in your account settings. See this article on how to access your account settings if you're not sure how to do that (click on your email or the three-line menu in the top-right corner).

Once you access your account settings, click the Buttons tab, as shown below.

Click on the green "Order a Button" button to place an order for a new one. We typically ship orders the next day so you should have your replacement soon.

What's this 'claim' stuff?

If you belong to an organized group that has purchased a batch of buttons to handout to their members you can add one of those buttons to your Airnoise account by "claiming" it. Click the blue "Claim a Button" button to do that. 

If you have a button that  you are no longer using, or have an extra one, and you want to give it to someone else to use with their Airnoise account, you can "unclaim" it by clicking the orange "Unclaim" button. This will remove the button from your account so that the other person can then add it to theirs.

How do I file complaints in the meantime?

If your current button is totally dead you can still file complaints via the website Dashboard page or via SMS.

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