Not sure what color lipstick is right for you? Or do you need to sample a product before committing to it? Airshop is here to help you out!

With our new 'Try Before you Buy' feature you can 'purchase' an item for $0 and get it sent to your for free. Then you have 7 days to try it out to see if it is the right fit for you!

A charge will be placed on your card for 7 days as you try your products. After that time, for the items you choose to keep your card will be charged for. You will not pay for any of the items you return.

To select this feature, navigate to the item you'd like to try and click the "Try Now for $0" button to add it to cart for no money down.

Love the product? Then go ahead and keep it- your card will be processed after 7 days. The product not quite right? Return the product and the hold on your card will be removed- welcome to a risk free trial!

You can try up to five items a month for free and we will accept returns with over a half of the product remaining.

If you have questions feel free to message our support team.

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