Optionally allow chosen people to pay On account.

How do I enable "on account" as a payment method?

Go to Commerce > Payment methods, and tick On account as a payment method. 

Then you must allow "on account" payments for individual people, see below.

How do I allow "on account" for specific people? 

Go to Contacts > People, find the person, click Edit, then tick Allow person to pay on account, click Update to save. 

When this person logs in, they will then see On account as a payment method. 

Note, they will have to have a Username and Password set up in order for them to login

What happens if someone pays "on account"?

Any orders that are created On account are marked as Awaiting payment. Once you have received payment for an order (outside of Airsquare), you must then add a payment to that order to mark it as Paid.

What happens if Xero is connected?

If the person pays On account, and Xero is connected, an invoice is created but left unpaid. It's then up to you to chase payment.

If payment terms are set up in Xero, we use them to set the Due date of the invoices created.

Can I set a spend limit for "on account" payments?

No. They can purchase as much as they like On account.

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