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Can I send Promotional WhatsApp Broadcast to my audience?

Promotional Broadcast can be sent to only those users who are active i.e. with the 24 hours window. WhatsApp gives a 24-hour window slot for the business to interact with any kind of messages with the users. It can be promotional, query solving messages, up-selling messages etc. These messages won’t be a template message rather session messages.

Once the user becomes inactive (when a user doesn’t respond for straight 24 hours), the business can broadcast only template messages. And these templates messages are approved by WhatsApp itself which doesn’t approve promotional messages. Warm outreach and follow-ups are acceptable.

Can I send WhatsApp Broadcast to users who haven’t saved my number?

Yes, the business can send the WhatsApp Broadcast to those users as well who haven’t saved the business’s contact number. This is something that isn’t plausible with WhatsApp Business App. The only condition here is that WhatsApp permits the business to send the broadcast to only opt-in users who have given consent to the business for receiving messages.

How to take opt-in from users?

There are various methods to take opt-in from users.

1. Have a checkmark in the lead contact form on your landing page taking consent and opt-in from users.
2. Send SMS and E-mail campaigns for opt-in.

Will my number get blocked by WhatsApp if I send too many broadcast messages?

This entirely depends on the Quality Rating. If your quality rating goes down, you’ll receive a warning notification in your FB Business manager. Still, if it doesn’t improve and continue to get deteriorated, your number will eventually get blocked. The quality rating decrease when people starts blocking you and this will only happen if you are sending promotional messages to the users or without opt-in.

Can I send WhatsApp Broadcast to those users who haven’t interacted with us on WhatsApp before?

Yes, you can import all the data of users that you want to send a broadcast to in the AiSensy platform and shoot them a broadcast campaign even if they haven’t interacted with you on WhatsApp before. While doing so, AiSensy considers that you have taken opt-in from all the imported users.

Do I need to get these WhatsApp Broadcast messages approved by WhatsApp?

You need to get only the template messages approved. You can use these template message for broadcasting. In case you are sending a broadcast to an Active user, you can send template messages or the regular message (which doesn’t need approval from WhatsApp).

Can I send CTA buttons and Quick Reply buttons in WhatsApp Broadcast messages?

Yes, with template messages you can send URLs, Buttons and Quick Replies. There can be a maximum of 3 buttons that can be sent with a template message or 2 CTAs. Also, rich media can be sent such as videos, images, docs, audios etc. with Regular and Template messages.

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