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What's the process for filing a claim? How long does it take for me to get my repairs/replacement?
What's the process for filing a claim? How long does it take for me to get my repairs/replacement?
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AKKO is all about making claims easy and fast for you!

Here is the process for claims:

  1. Login to your AKKO account and file your claim from your phone or the web.

  2. A team member will reach out to you the same or next day to collect any applicable extra information, or to direct you to a nearby repair provider.

  3. Repairs: If your item is in need of repairs, AKKO will either pay you or a repair shop for repairs for your item(s). If funds are paid to you directly, you can receive funds via PayPal, Venmo, or a wire transfer (US bank accounts only) initiated the same-day as claim approval. (many of our repair claims, such as cracked phone screens, get fully resolved within 24hrs!)

  4. Replacements: If your item is in need of total replacement (unrepairable or stolen), AKKO will send you a payout equal to the replacement value, or can also have a replacement item sent straight to you.


  • Your deductible is subtracted from any claim payouts. (for example, if your screen repair is $158 after tax, and the repair deductible for your phone is $49, you would receive a payout of $109)

  • Claims of theft will take longer to resolve than damage claims. Police reports and proof of purchase are required and copies must be submitted to our team, the time to receive a report may vary based on where you live.

  • If you have Apple devices which a local repair provider is not able to service, then you can get them taken care of at an Apple Store, we WILL NOT force you to send us your Apple devices to get repaired. Our goal is to get your items fixed/replaced ASAP

How do we determine the replacement value of your items?

If your item(s) are too extensively damaged (or were stolen) and you require a replacement device or item, our team member will find the replacement value of the item by looking at the cost of an available refurbished replacement of the same make/model/year/specs then send you a reimbursement payout.

For example, if your iPhone X was stolen or completely destroyed, we would find the value of a refurbished iPhone X and your payout would be the cost of the replacement, plus sales tax if applicable, then subtracting your plan’s deductible ($29-$99 based on your phone, or for non-phone items $99 on our "Everything Protected" AKKO Plan for adults and students.

AKKO will not determine the value of your item based on what used iPhone X phones or other items are being sold for by random individuals online. Replacement values are only determined based off items sold by businesses. You also will not receive a payout based on the value you initially paid for your phone or any other affected item when it was new.

The same process applies to claims for other electronics and personal items on your plan which are eligible for protection.

THEFT: For the theft of a phone or any of your items to be eligible for reimbursement, you must have device location tracking enabled in the AKKO Mobile App.

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