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Discount Details

Included here are all the FAQ's with answers you'll need to know about our Black Friday discount

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What are the specific discounts being offered?

Get a 30% discount on web subscriptions during the first billing cycle. This discount is only available on the Alive website.

  • Annual: 30% off for the first year, then it returns to the standard price.

  • Monthly: 30% off for the first month, then it goes back to the standard price.

Are the discounts for all users or only new subscribers?

iOS & Android Subscriptions

Changing your subscription type will begin once the old subscription has expired. Your changes will officially go into effect when your active iOS or Android subscription expires.

Existing Web Subscriptions

Existing web subscribers can immediately access the discounted sale without canceling their current subscription. They will be charged at once, with a prorated credit, if applicable, from their active subscription applied to the new discounted rate.

Is there a difference in discounts offered on the web versus the app?

Discounts are only offered on the web. If you subscribe in the app via the iOS app store or Google play store, then you will not receive a discount.

How does the discount process work?

Sign up on the web during the specified sale dates.

What payment methods are accepted on the Alive website?

All major credit cards and Link by Stripe are accepted.

Is there a trial period associated with the discounted subscription, and if so, what are the terms?

Alive offers a 7-day free trial on first time subscriptions. You will be charged if you don't cancel at least 24 hours before the trial ends.

What happens to the subscription price after the holiday sale ends?

All subscriptions will revert to their regular price after the holiday sale.

Are there any country or region-specific restrictions for the discounts?

No, the discounts are applicable globally.

Will users who subscribe on the web during the sale period retain their discount in subsequent billing cycles?

No, the discounted rate is fixed for the duration of the first billing cycle and will then return to the standard pricing.

How does the app communicate the discount offers to potential subscribers?

Users can see sale details on the website and will be contacted via email regarding special offers.

What are the app refund policies?

We do not offer any rebates or refunds on subscription purchases beyond 14 days of purchase.

Is customer support available for users facing issues with the discounted subscription process?

Customer supports is available at or in the app.

Can I use the discount to buy a gift card for someone?

No. At this time, we are not able to apply a subscription discount to gift cards.

Can I use the discount to purchase a Family Plan?

No. At this time, we are not able to apply a subscription discount to the purchase of a Family Plan.

Do you offer military or student discounts?

No, we do not offer military or student discounts at this time.

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