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What is Speaking Club
What is Speaking Club
Speaking Club is a group activity for children of different ages. The main goal is language practice
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Speaking Clubs are group classes aimed at developing and improving a child's conversational skills. Classes are held on the Zoom platform, where all participants see and hear each other.

Speaking Clubs are conducted by teachers of all categories, including native speakers.

There are 3 types of conversation clubs:

✔ Standard Speaking Clubs: conducted for 6 - 8 students.

✔ Gaming clubs – Here the children play some computer game with a teacher in groups of up to 6 students, for example, ROBLOX

✔ Clubinars – Such lessons are more like lectures on a specific topic, the group can be up to 30 students.

Classes are held every day from morning to evening.

The topics of classes are very diverse, here is a small list:


◾️ Healthy Food

◾️ Let's make some soup!!

◾️ Summer Questions

◾️ All about Japan

◾️ In the forest

◾️ Cartoon Drawing class: Pokemon

◾️ All about South America!

◾️ Harry Potter World

and many more!

The Speaking Clubs can be 25 or 55 minutes long.

In each study package you purchase, you will receive as a gift 🎁 from our school the same quantity of Speaking Clubs as the lessons in the package, and you can book both types (25 and 55 minutes), regardless of the duration of your individual lessons.

There are interest clubs, grammar clubs, master classes, game clubs. Everyone will be able to choose a topic that will arouse the interest of the child.

✅ The Individual lessons together with the Speaking Clubs provide a comprehensive approach to learning English.

💜 Hurry up to book the most interesting Speaking Clubs!

You can see how the Speaking Clubs are held on the video:

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