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How to book Speaking Clubs?
How to book Speaking Clubs?
Step-by-step instructions for signing up for speaking clubs. How to choose a group, rules of participation in Speaking Clubs.
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It's very easy to sign up for the Speaking Club! Registration is available in your personal account if you have at least 1 booked lesson on your balance or within 7 days from the date of the last paid lesson.

✔ Switch to the Speaking clubs tab.

✔ Click the "Apply" button.

There are filters at the top of the page that will help you choose the right group. Select the date and time of the lesson, its duration, specify the age of the child and his level. If desired, you can set the filter "Only my teachers". If teachers with whom you have previously studied individually conduct conversation clubs, the filter will leave only their groups in the list.

The card of each group shows the teacher, the duration of the lesson and the age of the participants, the topic of the conversation club and its description. It is also noted here for which level the club is suitable.

✔ To sign up for a club you like, click the "Apply" button.

In addition, in the list of all Speaking Clubs, you can choose only those that your teacher conducts.

🔸 Note 1: Not all of our teachers run Speaking Clubs, so you may not find them.

🔸 Note 2: The Speaking Clubs can only be booked within 7 days from the date of the last private lesson with a teacher.

Similarly, registration takes place through the mobile application. Select a group and click the "Apply" button.

🚩 A student can attend no more than 1 class per day. If you want to enroll in another group, you need to cancel an existing entry. If you cancel a class for 6 hours or more, it will be returned to your personal account.

Before visiting the speaking club, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the general rules of participation in them:

👍 Before starting the lesson, check whether the child is correctly signed in the ZOOM account. Often children connect from their parents' accounts, where there is another person's name, which can confuse the teacher. You can change the name yourself by clicking on the settings button next to your child's video, it is advisable to specify the name in English so that the teacher can pronounce it correctly.

👍 Also, before starting the lesson, check whether the camera and microphone are connected to the ZOOM program. We recommend turning on the microphone before answering, and the rest of the time it is better to leave it off so as not to worsen audibility due to extraneous sounds.

👍 Respect other participants of the class, do not make noise, do not interrupt.

👍 You can enroll in any group, even if it does not correspond to the student's level of knowledge. If the student cannot or does not want to participate in the discussion, he can simply watch and listen to other participants by turning off his microphone.

Do not be afraid to try, even if it seems to you that the child will not be able to speak English with peers yet and his level is not sufficient to attend Speaking Clubs. In the classroom, the child hears English, gets used to its sound, recognizes phrases already known to him, remembers the pronunciation of new words.

Speaking clubs are suitable even for beginners! By increasing their level and vocabulary, the child will not be afraid to put knowledge into practice. Speaking Clubs help to overcome the language barrier and the child's fear of speaking English disappears👍

We wish you exciting and effective classes!

You can see how the Speaking Clubs are held on the video:

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