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You can't be seen/heard. Camera/Microphone access error
You can't be seen/heard. Camera/Microphone access error
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Quite often, problems with the camera / sound in the lesson arise when a student uses an unsupported browser (Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge), resulting in unforeseen technical problems.

The main and recommended browser for studying from a computer in our classroom is the Google Chrome browser (download) the current, latest version.

Or our mobile application for classes from mobile devices (phone, tablet).

Step 1: Make sure that access to your camera and microphone is allowed in the operating system settings.

To check in Windows 8 / 10 / 11:

  • Open the "Start" menu and enter the word "Privacy".

  • Select "Privacy Settings".

  • In the left part of the window, find and go to the "Camera" section.

  • Check whether "On" is set in the items "Let apps use my webcam".

  • Similar manipulations should be carried out in the "Microphone" section.

Step 2. A frequent and common problem is blocking access by antivirus. Disable it for the duration of the lesson and restart the browser.

Step 3. Try to close all active programs that may require access to the camera or microphone (Skype, ZOOM, others) and restart your browser or computer.

Step 4. If the manipulations above did not help, most likely you have problems with the equipment. We recommend reinstalling the drivers or contacting the service center for help with this.

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