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Notification "Tutor will join in a few minutes Please wait..."
Notification "Tutor will join in a few minutes Please wait..."
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Quite often there is a situation when a teacher is "absent" in the lesson when a student uses something that is not recommended (Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge), as a result of which unforeseen technical problems arise.

The main and recommended browser for computer classes in our classroom is the Google Chrome browser (download link) the current latest version.

Or our mobile app for lessons from mobile devices (phone, tablet)

Step 1. Make sure that you have provided access to the camera and microphone when connecting to the classroom.

Step 2. Reload your page (see the photo below or the F5 key in the large keyboard) when connecting via a computer or re-enter the classroom when connecting via a mobile application.

Step 3. Try to contact the teacher inside the classroom, use on the "Chat" in the lower right corner or use on the chat icon in the application.

If you are still able to contact the teacher, contact the student support service immediately.

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