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Poor communication quality in the lesson
Poor communication quality in the lesson
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Video conferencing is very sensitive to short-term speed drops and a slow, unstable Internet connection, unlike watching videos or downloading files.

🚩 It is highly not recommended to use mobile Internet for classes, since it is most often the cause of poor communication during the lesson.

There is also a high probability of poor communication when practicing on the road, on a walk, in a public place (including connecting to a public Wi-Fi network in a cafe, airport, hotel, etc.).
We strongly recommend planning the lesson in advance and using only a Wi-Fi connection, being as close as possible to the router for a more stable connection.

Step 1. Try changing the connection type during the lesson from mobile Internet to Wi-Fi or reconnect to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Be sure to check the Internet connection speed by following the link here.

The optimal speed is at least 10 MB/s for both indicators (Download and Upload).
If the speed is lower than recommended and differs from the one stated by the provider, be sure to contact him to find out the reason.

Step 3. You can also always continue the lesson in Zoom. This platform is less demanding on the quality of the connection. If you decide to switch to ZOOM, inform the teacher about it in the internal chat during the lesson. Link to download the ZOOM.

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