Family tariff plans
Learning English with the whole family is great! In addition to mutual support and motivation, you can also get benefits! 🔥
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👨‍👧‍👦 👨‍👦‍👦 For families with 2 or more students, we offer family packages. The more lessons in the package, the price of one lesson will be lower. Buying large packages for several family members, you can save significantly.

The lessons acquired are divided between the accounts of the students in the amount convenient for the parent.

🔶 Note 1: The lesson transfer feature is only available for 36 and 72 lesson plans, and is not available for subscription.

Similarly to individual lessons, Speaking Clubs can also be divided between children in any number. If one child actively attends conversational clubs, and the second does not, if desired, all classes in the conversational club can be left in the personal account of one student.

You can independently share lessons between children in your personal account or contact the manager in the support chat with a request to help 👨 👦 👦

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