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Tariffs and lessons payments
Tuition fees and tariff conditions
Tuition fees and tariff conditions
What is the difference between lesson packages? Tariffs and subscription.
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We have several options for lesson packages: Subscription and Tariff Plans.

🔷 General information:

🔹The cost of lessons can be viewed in the "Prices" tab on the website (you can go to this tab from any page on the website) The "Prices" section is also available in your personal account - here prices will be displayed already taking into account the discounts you have, for example, a bonus for good attendance.

🔹The cost of lessons depends on their duration (25 or 55 minutes), the number of lessons in the package and the teacher category (Standard, Premium, Native Speaker). All current rates are available on our website, in the "Prices" section.

🔹You can change the currency by clicking on its name at the top of the page and select another one from the suggested list.

🔹The more lessons in a package, the price of one lesson will be lower, so it is more profitable to buy large packages of lessons. 😊

🔹Please note that the Half-course (36 lessons) and Full-course (72 lessons) packages have a period of use. So, for the passage of 36 lessons, 12 months are given from the date of payment, and for the passage of 72 lessons – 24 months from the date of payment. Then unused lessons will be transferred to the bonus account in cash equivalent proportional to the cost per lesson at the time of payment.

🔹🎁 Each lesson package (both subscription and tariff) includes Speaking Clubs in the same amount as individual lessons in the package. You don't pay for Speaking Clubs, it's a gift from the school.

🔹🎁 Another gift from our school to ALL students who have purchased any package of lessons is a free game in our mobile application.

Now let's look at the options for lesson packages in more detail.

🔶 Subscription:

🔸 You can subscribe for 8 or 12 lessons per month. The subscription is renewed automatically every month on the same day on which the first payment was made.

🔸 The debit is made from the bank card specified at the first payment. You can cancel your subscription and unlink your payment card at any time. You can do this yourself in your personal account or with the help of a support administrator.

🔸 All missed and unscheduled lessons are transferred to the bonus account in monetary terms.

🔶 Rate:

🔸 The tariff packages include 2 packages of lessons: 36 lessons (half of the course) and 72 lessons (full course).

🔸 Lessons in tariff packages do not have an expiration date. You can take lessons at a pace that is comfortable for you. However, in order to achieve these goals, we recommend studying at least 2-3 times a week with a teacher, as well as 1 time a week to attend a Speaking Club.

🔸 Tariff packages can be purchased in installments.

🔸 Refund for missed lessons at any time (only purchased lessons. Bonus lessons and Speaking Clubs are non-refundable - this is a gift from the school).

💜 We wish you pleasant shopping and fruitful lessons!

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