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How the Speaking Clubs are held
How the Speaking Clubs are held
Features of conducting conversation clubs on the Zoom platform. Instructions for installing the program on a laptop and mobile device.
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After signing up for the conversation club, the student receives a link to enter the lesson in Zoom. The link usually looks like this:

You can also connect through your personal account by clicking on the "Open lesson" button at the top of the page.

If you have not used the Zoom platform before, you will see a message about the need to download it.

Select the required option and follow the instructions.

If the download has not started automatically, you can install Zoom by following the link:

After installing the program and launching it, a window will appear on the screen in which you will need to specify the name of the child. Then click on the "Join" button.

You need to connect to the lesson clearly at the appointed time, you do not need to do it in advance.

If no other students or teacher connect to the lesson within 5 minutes, please contact the support via the chat on the website...

...or in the application on your phone

On the phone, the connection process is similar. You can enter the lesson by following the link from the Email or WhatsApp / Viber or from our All Right Application using the "Open in Zoom" button.

To log in, you also need to download the app and install it on your mobile device.

Next, go back to the link to the lesson and click on it, selecting the Zoom program to log in.

A window for entering the room will appear on the mobile screen. You need to specify the child's name and confirm the use of the microphone and camera.

Each lesson is attended by a teacher and other participants. We recommend turning on the microphone before the child answers and keeping it off the rest of the time so as not to create sound interference.

The topic of the lesson is always announced in advance and it can be seen in the description of the group. The teacher independently draws up the lesson program and selects materials. All classes are always different and interesting.

To improve the sound quality, we recommend using headphones with a microphone, but this is not a prerequisite. We also advise you to take the lesson in a quiet room so that the child is not distracted by extraneous sounds.

When signing up for a lesson, we recommend paying attention to the teacher's comment to it (if there is one). It may indicate that you need to additionally prepare certain materials for the lesson, for example, scissors and colored paper for a master class in needlework.

We wish you interesting and useful activities!

You can see how the Speaking Clubs are held on the video:

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