Bonus account
What is a bonus account and where to find it
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The bonus account is a special account to which money is credited for unused lessons in the tariff with auto–renewal (subscription).

The conversion of lessons into bonuses takes place exactly one month after the purchase of lessons under the subscription terms. Such lessons are deducted from the balance of the lessons of this package and credited to the bonus account in monetary terms.

You can check the balance of funds on the bonus account in your personal account, in the section "My balance" - "Bonus account".

Below, in the History of balance changes section, the time of recalculation of lessons by subscription to bonuses and crediting the amount to the bonus account is displayed.

Bonuses are not returned to the main account in the currency, they can only be used to pay for the following lessons, but not more than 25% of the purchase amount. This condition applies to any tariffs.

For example, if a student has paid for 8 lessons, only 1 has passed in a month, he has converted 7 unused lessons in monetary equivalent to a bonus account, then the next payment will automatically account for a discount of 25% of the cost of a new package.

If the amount of bonuses in monetary terms for 7 unused lessons is more than 25% of the cost of the new package, the remainder will be used for the next payment.

In the History of balance changes, these actions will also be displayed.

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