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I'm glad that you are in the process of connecting your smartphone to our IoT Cloud, where you will see some interesting data visualised. So, if you want to have them continuously coming to the Cloud and try some cool stuff such as seeing TRUE state when you shake your device, please follow these instructions:

  1. Keep your smartphone unlocked with the browser opened (this ensures the communication with the IoT platform)

  2. If data doesn't sync, refresh the page (both on smartphone and website)

  3. If data still doesn't appear, we have a Helpdesk to solve any challenges.

To be clear, below is the picture of how the website should look like, once you scan the QR code or enter the URL provided within the steps of the Smartphone demo. 

When you keep the browser on smartphone opened, data from its sensors will successfully be visible on our platform. It should look like this: 

Please note this Demo is just a glimpse of our Platform's capabilities. We would like you to investigate it more and find something that you like. It may keep you active, so even better! 

Wish you a fruitful journey with us!  😃

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