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Parcel Reports Overview

Explore Property Records and Zoning insights via our Map Explorer > Parcel Reports.

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After selecting a location, or POI (Point of Interest), you'll find Parcel Reports in the first section of the left sidebar.

Under Parcel Reports, you'll find Property Records and Zoning.

Property Records

Within Property Records, you can find building and location details, current and possible owners' information, associated people, property sales, debts, and tax data.

Property Record Details

  • Parcel Map (optional satellite view)

    • We sometimes have records for multiple parcels at a single point of interest or property. Each parcel may have unique information such as building info, possible owners, etc., that may be relevant for your needs.

    • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)

  • Building, Lot, and Location

    • Building Details: Year Built, Number of Stories, Number of Buildings, Commercial Units

    • Lot Details: Lot Sq. Footage, Lot Acreage, Depth, Frontage, Property Type, Zoning

    • Location Details: MSA, County, Municipality, Neighborhood, Legal Description

  • Possible Owners

    • Reported Owner, Possible Owners, Associated People

  • Property Sales

    • Record Date, Buyer, Seller, Sale Amount, Amount Type, Document Number, Transaction Type, Foreclosed, Document Type

  • Debts

    • Date, Maturity Date, Lender, Amount, Mortgage Type, Term, Interest Rate, Document Number, Interest Type, Seller Carry Back

  • Taxes

    • Tax Amount, Assessed Land Value, Assessed Improvement Value, Total Assessed Value, Land Market Value, Improvements Market Value, Total Market Value, Land Market Value


Find zoning details, permissions, uses, conditional uses, property rights, and prohibited use cases under the Zoning section.

Zoning Information

  • Zoning Details: Zone name, code, type, and subtype

  • Zoning Codes

  • Conditional Uses

  • As Of Rights

  • Prohibited Use Cases

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