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Map Explorer Customizations
Map Explorer Customizations
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You can find whatever you need on the map by utilizing the Map Legend and customizing your map by switching between Map View and Satellite View, as well as using the options in the right toolbar:



Select whether you would like to Hide or Show any Pins, representing Points of Interest.


Select whether you would like to see Zip Codes, City borders, Neighborhoods, or Census Block Groups.


Heatmaps allow you to see additional insights about Population, Age, Race, Household Income, Consumer Spend data, and Car Traffic(AADT).

HeatMap Legend

Hover over the Heatmap Legend to highlight only specific segments of the population.


Toggle various Parcel types on and off.

Custom Area



Click the epicenter of the radius you desire to select, and hold your mouse until it covers the desired selected area.

Satellite, Map, Light or Dark View

Switch between Satellite, Map, Light or Dark view as you please.

Map Legend

You can find the legend at the bottom left of the Map Explorer.

Red pins show Points of Interest.

Red pins show Points of Interest.

Green pins show Selected Locations.

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