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Custom Visitation Data on Any Location Nationwide
Custom Visitation Data on Any Location Nationwide

Product Release: July 19, 2022

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In its latest product release, AlphaMap introduces a groundbreaking feature – Custom Visitation Data, allowing users to access and analyze personalized visitation insights for any location nationwide. This enhancement provides a tailored approach to location-based data, offering users a comprehensive tool to refine their analysis and decision-making processes.

What's New?

Get visitation results for any location nationwide in a matter of minutes.

If you are examining a location that AlphaMap does not already have estimated visitation for, simply draw your own custom polygon around the desired location to fetch visitation results on demand!

Results Currently Available:

  • Foot-Traffic Trends

  • Hourly Foot-Traffic

  • Daily Foot-Traffic

Coming Soon:

  • True Trade Area

Additional Updates to Reports

  • Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

      • Ctrl/Cmnd + C to Copy

      • Ctrl/Cmnd + X to Cut

      • Ctrl/Cmnd +V to Paste

  • Report Auto-saving

  • Add Custom Images to your Report

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