Alt's mission is to increase the liquidity of alternative assets and solve many of the friction points in the hobby with tech-based solutions. We provide our customers the important ability to Vault assets and do more with their collection. When you send your cards to the Vault, they will be professionally photographed, valued, and automatically uploaded to your portfolio. Everything in the Vault is fully insured, and once your items are processed, you will be able to create a listing for each item if wished. Only PSA/BGS/SGC graded cards can be sold on Exchange; Alt will only store all other cards at this time or send them for grading. There is a $5 per card intake fee to Vault your cards, and for a limited time, this fee is waived for PSA, BGS, and SGC graded cards.

Sending Cards to the Vault

For our Exchange, Alt currently supports any cards graded by PSA/BGS/SGC from any sport or game. For the Portfolio Management and Vault services, we also support raw cards from basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and Pokémon in addition to those graded by PSA/BGS/SGC. If you send raw cards to our Vault, we can help you get them graded by PSA or BGS. We are continuing to add support for more cards, so please feel free to provide feedback on which card types are most important to you.

To add a new asset to your Alt portfolio, click the blue ‘Add asset’ button, which you can find in the middle of your screen to the left-hand side of your portfolio.

An overlay window will appear with relevant fields collecting information about your asset.

*Asset - If your card is graded by PSA/BGS you can add by cert number. Otherwise, search for your assets by card title.

Purchase date - When did you purchase this asset?

Price - What's the cost basis of your asset?

Source - Where was this purchase made?

Notes - Do you have any personal notes or identifiers?

* is required. Other fields are for personal documentation and P&L.

You can edit purchase history at any time. So don't worry if you don't recall this information at this time - feel free to clear out the field and save.

For further assistance, please contact us through the messenger located in the bottom corner of your browser or reach out to

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