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Before teaching your first lesson, you'll need to get set-up and apply for a teacher account. There are three stages to the process which will be covered in this article. Let's get started! 

Stage 1:

1) Firstly, we will assume that you have already registered with AmazingTalker. From the homepage, click on "Apply To Teach". 

2) Have a read through the information page and make sure that you are ready to begin teaching with AmazingTalker. Feeling ready to start? Great! Click on "Apply Now"  

3) You will then begin to build your profile, this profile will go on to be visible to prospective student so you will want to spend some time here making sure your profile puts your best foot forward. There are 6 components; Information, Introduction, Resume, Price Setting, Introductory Video and General Availability. We will review them each in this order. 

a) Information: Here you will just set some basic information about yourself, some of this might already be completed from your initial profile. You can also set an image of yourself. 

b) Introduction: Next you will need to provide an introduction for your students to get to know you. There are 2 description, your brief introduction which is a max of 250 characters and your full introduction which is a min of 250 characters. 

c) Resume: Create your digital resume for you students to review. There are 3 categories for you to complete; education, experience and certificates. 

d) Price Setting: Here you will set 2 prices, your trial price and your private lesson price. Please note: Student will get 5% discount for 5 lessons, 10% discount for 10 lessons, 15% discount for 20 lessons. This is set automatically, so all you need to set is the price for 1 lesson.  

e) Introductory Video: Upload a video to introduce yourself to prospective students. You'll need to upload the video to YouTube first and then submit the link in AmazingTalker. You'll be able to preview your video before submitting. Just some ground rules about videos: 

Video Term

  • Maximum 3 minutes
  • Please look at the camera
  • Make sure to have enough lighting

Video Content

  • Where you come from, educational background and teaching experience
  • Introduction to teaching methods
  • Hobbies and Interests

If you need help filming or tips on how to get started check out our guide here

f) General Availability: Set your availability for when your students can book your for tutoring sessions. For more details, see this guide here

4) Before submiting you can preview your new profile page, bare in mind that this page will be seen by prospective students so you want to put your best foot forward. 

5) Lastly, click the submit button to send your profile to the AmazingTalker team. Our team will review your application and let you know if your application is denied, needs more information or accepted.

You'll receive an update on your status by email and on the notification section of the website. 

Stage 2:
The next stage of the process is to do an interview with one of our VIP teachers. VIP teachers are teachers with significant experience and are top earners on the platform. 

A VIP teacher will reach out to schedule an interview and mock lesson. You must receive a 5 star rating on the lesson to be approved to teach, once you have you'll be ale to get students and start earning with AmazingTalker. 

Stage 3:
The final stage of the process is to make your profile visible to students and setting up how you want to get paid.

First, to make your profile visible to students, switch on the 'Recruit Students' toggle from the Teachers Functions section of the homepage.  

The final thing to do is set your payment account up so you can get paid by AmazingTalker. Have a look at this article here if you are unfamiliar with the process. 

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