Welcome to AmazingTalker!
There are 3 steps for the whole teacher application process. By completing the following steps, you will be able to become an online teacher of AmazingTalker!
(P.s. After logging in on the AmazingTalker platform, your account will be a student account. Click "Become a Teacher" to have access to a teacher account.)

1st Step - Application Form

Here is a tutorial video going through the whole process:

Click the "Apply to Teach" button on the header at any page to enter the Teacher Application Page.

General Information

  • Answer a few general questions.


  • Please upload your profile image which is at least 800 x 800 Pixels (file size is around 1 - 2 MB). Your face should occupy at around 60-70% of the picture.

  • Select where you are from in the Country field.

  • Select 1 language you are going to teach, the languages you can speak and your expertise.


The part of "Experience" and "Educations" are required. It is not mandatory to upload your "Certificates" but it will be a huge plus if you have one. If your certificates are not in hand, you can skip that part.
(Your uploaded certificates are used for verification by AmazingTalker internal staff only. It will not be available to the public.)

Price Setting

Set the price for your classes. The recommended price is an average price from all teachers that is just for your reference. Based on your experience, you can certainly set the price that is higher or lower than the recommended price.

General availability

Set your available time slots in the coming 1 - 2 weeks. We will book a demo class with you based on your schedule if you pass the screening process. You can definitely modify your schedule later on.


  • Please review the terms of service and tick every checkbox. Then, click "submit" to send your application.

  • It will normally take around 3 days to review your application. In peak season, it might take up to 7 days. Thank you for your patience.

  • If you need to update your information, the system will automatically save your updates. You don't need to submit the application again.

Second Level - Demo class

When your application is accepted, you can prepare your demo lesson.

For the demo class, please go to the homepage and watch the video of 【Teaching instruction guide】, then click the【schedule】to open the time slots and wait for VIP students to book your class.
Don't forget to download "Zoom" before you join your demo class.
( How to join the first lesson of zoom ? )

( If you have more than one VIP student to book your course, you only need to select one, the system will automatically reject the others and it would not affect your ranking).

Please prepare 1-2 topics to teach your VIP student (please prepare your own teaching materials). The duration is 25 mins. We suggest you discuss what kind of topic you would like to teach with your VIP student.
It is better to open more time slots, so you can pass the demo class faster.
After the demo class, VIP students will leave a review. If you get a 4 or 5 stars, it means you pass the demo class. Every teacher has 3 chances to do the demo class. Once you pass, you need to complete the teaching instruction guide on your homepage, and you will be an online teacher on the Amazing Talker platform.

When VIP students book your lesson and you accept the lesson request, the class will appear on your homepage.
The gif shows you how to "go to class" when the demo class time starts.

You can contact your VIP student and discuss the topic you would like to teach during the demo class :)

Third level - Finish the teaching instruction guide

The last level, the first part is watching videos.
"The video can't be watched on YouTube", you need to watch it "in the small pop-out window" see the attached photo below.

If you don't know how to complete the task, please click "hint"

This is the most difficult part.
The default message is already set up, please just click the arrow to send it.

Finish the teaching instruction guide then you will be an online teacher in AmazingTalker!



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