AmazingTalker is excited to announce 3 new updates that are being launched to help teachers to recruit more students. 

  1. AmazingTalker has launched a 2nd marketing campaign with Voicetube which will take place from April 25th to May 9th, 2018. During this time, we will also offer students discounts on English packages from Voicetube HERO and AmazingTalker. We expect there will be lots of new students looking for tutors in the coming 2 weeks. If you want to recruit more students, we suggest you switch on the “Recommendation System", and be ready to contact students. 
  2. In order to encourage teachers to spend more time on AmazingTalker, we are launching a new commission system which we hope will benefit all our teachers. Now the more you teach, the less commission we will charge. The commission rate now ranges from 0% - 15%. However, as AmazingTalker is a Taiwan based company, we are required to pay 5% revenue tax to Ministry of Finance. With the reduction in commission rates we will be charging teachers a 5% tax on monthly earnings. The new commission system will start from May 2018. Here are the details of the new commission system:

For more details and information on commission system, check out this article.

3.  Upcoming New Features: 

a) Custom Discounts:

Teachers can now issue custom discounts to specific students. This will be a great way to attract students to purchase your course. The discounts you offer will be deducted in your monthly salary. 

For more details and information on how to use the feature, check out this article.
If your students have any difficulties in redeeming the coupons, check out this article.

b) Customized Pricing: 

With customized pricing, teachers has more flexibility to control your course pricing based on course nature, number of lessons & lesson duration. Then, you can send the specific pricing to different students on AmazingTalker. 

For more details and information on how to use the feature, check out this article.

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