When you get started teaching on AmazingTalker, you will be concerned about how AmazingTalker calculate your salary. This article will introduce the AmazingTalker's fees and commission policies.

Check your income

You can go to My Income Report to check your monthly income.

Gross Income Calculation

AmazingTalker sums up all the tuition of the "completed" lessons into your gross income.

You might notice the tuition charge might be different from each lesson, because:

  1. Students are offered 5% off / 10% off / 15% off discounts when purchasing 5 lessons / 10 lessons / 20 lessons respectively. The discounts are afforded by tutors.

  2. Tutors offer customized pricing to specific students. AmazingTalker will count the tuition you set in customized pricing into your gross income.

  3. You might adjust your tuition from the time being. Students might purchase your courses in different price.

Deduct Coupons

While you are selling your courses, you might offer coupons to students. If students used the coupons you sent to make a purchase, the discount amount will be evenly distributed on each lesson.

Eg. If a student purchase your 10-lesson course package and used a 10 USD coupon offered by you, 10 USD will be evenly distributed and 1 USD will be deducted from each completed lesson. A remark will be shown in Notes column.

Team income

After working as a mentor, you can get bonuses through training members.

You can check your mentees performance through the teacher training program page, and check the bonus you receive.

Service fee

AmazingTalker adopts regressive commission system. Essentially, the more you earn the less we will charge you in fees. The fee breakdown can be seen in the table below:

(If your teaching language is not English or Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, your service fee is start from 15%)

8% Fixed Fee

Regional transaction taxes (5.00%) plus transfer fee (3.00%) payable to online financial services company.

We hope this helps you understand how your income is calculated on AmazingTalker and always we'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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