After you set up the payment method, you can now withdraw your salary. 

AmazingTalker sums up tutors' income on the 2nd of every month and calculate teacher fees. Your income will be converted into AT credits ( 1 AT credit = 1 USD) and transfer to your AmazingTalker account. The more you withdraw, the less will charge you in transferring fees. Therefore, tutors can accumulate AT credits to certain amount, and then withdraw as a whole so as to lower the transferring fees.

Withdrawal process:

1. Please go to “My Income Report”  and click “Withdraw AT Credits”

2. Type in the amount you would like to withdraw and click “Withdraw” button, then your withdrawal request has been submitted.

Remark: AmazingTalker sums up all withdrawal requests on 5th every month, and transfer the payment by the 15th. If you send the request on 6th, we will process the withdrawal request on the next month.  

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