⭐️« Attract students to enroll your group courses again »

Make sure students all keep up, and build a positive atmosphere during class

🚩Before the course starts

Create a chat group (LINE) in order to...

Offer lesson plans and extend them to the future
Ensure their upcoming improvements, and build up the concept of re-enrollment

Provide preview materials & pre-course reminders
Get students fully prepared when the course starts

Remind students to choose a quiet environment

In order to avoid distraction caused by the surrounding noise

Send Zoom testing
Prevent the delay caused by Zoom connection problems

Be familiar with everyone's name (and voice, if possible)
Easy for you to ask questions and see if everyone is paying attention during class


🚩During the course

Name someone if you want to ask a question
"Janet, do you know the meaning of this word?"

Create a highly interactive atmosphere of the class
Assign students different roles when practicing conversation

Provide class videos after every lesson
Send via Google Drive, show concern and invite them to leave comments 


🚩Before the course ends

Promote your next course with "early bird price" to increase the re-enrollment rate
Attract them with current students discount and let them register first


⭐️« Operate multiple group courses at the same time »

If the recruitment period is longer, provide preview materials to students.

👩🏻‍🎓Similar Courses Topics
Do not recruit two courses at the same time. Separate registration may lead to the failure of opening the course.

👨🏻‍🎓Different Courses Topics
Put course information in your profile and recruit students. Open a course once you gather enough students.

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