Main Concepts

Recommend students in a customized way
🗣️“Based on your level and needs, I think you’re suitable for the group course…”
Let students know the advantages of group lessons
💰 30 - 40 % off compared to 1 : 1 lessons
👭 Learn together, active and fun atmosphere
⏰ Have lessons on a regular basis, get continuous progress
🎬 Lesson videos recorded by our system available after class


What to do 

🚩Current students

Send “customized” messages to students instead of a group message

→ Not interested: understand their reasons and deliver to them corresponding advantages of group lessons
→ No reply: during 1 : 1 lessons, encourage them to join and let them know the advantages according to their features/concerns


🚩New students

1️⃣ Students who ask about group lessons
Guide them to have 1 : 1 trial
Understand their levels and needs / Build trust 

2️⃣ Random new students
Recommend them at the end of trial lessons
“Judging from your level and needs, I think the course is a match for you…”
“Many students are interested in group lessons, but I’ll check if they’re suited to students’ needs…”

➔  Let them know the advantages of 2 types of lessons, and give special offer if they take both lessons.

➔  Give corresponding answers based on their concerns

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