Once your Ambie player is online, the Ambie Remote is the easiest way for you to control the music.

Watch the video below to see how can use the Ambie Remote to achieve greater control and interactivity with the music and your Ambie player:

To access the Ambie Remote, open up a browser on any computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet, and head to remote.ambie.fm.

Once you've logged in to your account, you can use the Ambie Remote to do the following:

  • View the name of the playlist/artist/track playing now

  • Play/Pause the music

  • Control the Volume of the musicĀ 

  • View (but not amend) the weekly music schedule assigned to your Ambie player

  • Temporarily override to alternative playlists

  • Feedback and report on individual tracks

  • Chat with the Ambie Support Team

  • Skip tracks (limited to three track skips per hour)

If you should encounter any difficulties with your Ambie system, then please email us at support@ambie.fm, or chat to us via the Ambie Remote.

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