During this Ambie Training Webinar, our Customer Success Managers will be take you through the Ambie Dashboard step-by-step, so you are able to get the most out of your Ambie Product.

The Ambie Dashboard gives users complete control over the management of their Ambie players, along with the individual music schedules assigned to them, across their sites. You'll also be able to control/feedback on the music playing in each site, as well as having a convenient way of previewing your individual playlists.

This webinar can be used as a refresher for all team members who have access to the Dashboard and who were present during the initial on-boarding. Plus, it is a great resource for new recruits who will be using this product to see the product in action.

If you should encounter any difficulties with your Ambie Dashboard, then please email us at support@ambie.fm, or chat to us via the Ambie Remote.

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