Can I choose which emails/invites i receive?

In the Communications tab, under the Email subscriptions column, you can select which organizations you receive communications from by checking the box to the left of their name.

Under the Invite subscriptions column, select which organization(s) (you have purchased from) you would like to receive calendar invites from.

How do I view emails sent to me from an organization?

All communications sent to you from organizations you have purchased from are visible in the Communications tab.  Under the Emails column, you can apply a filter to view emails from a specific organization.

Why am I not receiving emails?

Before contacting an organization, check the following to ensure emails from Amilia and other organizations are being sent:

  • Make sure a check mark is applied to the organization(s) under the Email subscriptions column.  

  • Check your Spam folder in your email inbox. 

  • If the emails are going to your Spam folder, we suggest adding the organization's email and Amilia's email ( to your contact list.  

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