Saving your credit card to your account is a safe and convenient way to speed up the checkout process and keep track of upcoming payments. You can also authorize organizations to automatically charge your credit card for future purchases or towards an existing balance in your account.

In this article you will learn how to:

1. Add or edit a credit card.

2. View authorizations, upcoming payments, and billing address.

3. Delete your card details.

1. Add/Edit a Credit Card

There are two ways you can save your card details within your Amilia user account.

  • Via the Payment Method tab; and/or
  • Make a purchase from an organization and save your card at checkout.

NOTE: Only one credit card can be saved at a time.

Payment Method Tab

Click on the Payment Method tab to add and manage your credit card details.

  • Enter your card details and billing address. Click Save card.
  • Next time you make a purchase in an organization's store, you can use your saved credit card. No need to input it again!
  • To update your card information, click Replace.
  • Use different billing information (address) if it differs from your home address.

Save your Card at Checkout 

You may also save your credit card when proceeding through checkout. It updates automatically in the Payment Method tab in your user account. When saving your card at checkout, you must give authorization to the organization to charge your credit card (if they make a purchase on your behalf, or wish to clear a balance in your account).

  • Enter your card details and check 'I authorize to charge my card for future transactions and any other agreed upon purchases'.
  • The next time you make a purchase in any organization's Amilia store, use your saved credit card for payment.
  • If you use a different card, the card is only used for that specific payment. It is not saved.
  • Replace card details and toggle your authorizations in the Payment Method tab in your user account.

NOTE: Credit card information is not saved in Amilia. It is sent to the payment processor which is certified by Visa and Mastercard. You may notice an $0.01 pending transaction on your credit card the first time you opt to save it. This is a temporary validation method. The $0.01 transaction disappears within 5 business days.

2. View Authorizations, Upcoming Payments & Billing Address


Grant and revoke your authorizations in the Payment Method tab.

  • Adding any item to your cart from an organization's online store make their name appear in the Payment Method tab.
  • Check or uncheck authorized organizations at any time. Authorized organizations can charge your credit card while unauthorized organizations cannot.
  • If you update (replace) your card details, authorizations are transferred to the new saved card.

Upcoming Payments

If you pay an organization in installments (planned payments) or subscriptions using your saved card, you can view your upcoming payments via the Payment Method tab.

  • The date and amount to be charged by an organization are displayed.
  • If you need to update your payment details, you can replace the credit card associated with the installment or subscription. Upcoming payments will then be transferred to the new card.

NOTE: that this is available only if you saved the card when you made the original purchase, or the card was previously saved and you used that saved card. If the installment was not configured with a saved card, the only way to modify the payment details is to contact the organization you registered with to make the adjustment on your behalf.

  • If you revoke authorization to an organization that has planned payments with you, they can still process the upcoming payments (only).
  • You cannot delete a credit card if you have planned payments.

Billing Address

The address associated with your credit card is not necessarily your residential address. To avoid refused payments and in compliance with the most current security measures, Amilia requires a billing address be specified when saving your credit card.

3. Delete your Card Details

Delete Card removes your card details and revokes all authorizations.

  • The option to delete your credit card is not available if you have upcoming payments. If the card must be deleted and you do not intend to replace it with updated information, contact the applicable organization(s) to delete the upcoming payment(s) on their end. Once these are canceled, you will have the option to delete your credit card.
  • Deleting a credit card removes all authorizations. If you add a new credit card later, the list of organization's you've visited will reappear and you can add a check next to those you give authorization to.

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