- Are there sounds when scanning an Amilia ID?

If the volume on your terminal is up, then you will hear two different tones, depending on whether access was granted or denied. If you do not hear anything and have troubleshoot your computer, contact us at support@amilia.com.

- I have an access control for a membership only. When I enter/scan the membership ID, why doesn't the client migrate to the Checked-In Column in the Overview Tab. 

Your client will only migrate to the Checked-In column if your control includes activities. You can check-in for a scheduled class but there is no check-in for simply owning a membership (or a subscription).

- I can't Lookup a participant by name or email and use my scanner device at the same time. Is this normal?

Are you using an iPad device? When plugged into an iPad, the scanner supersedes your keyboard which means you won’t be able to Lookup a participant by typing in their name or email. We suggest using 2 iPads- one to use with your scanner and the other to use when typing in a name or email. You may also disconnect your scanner while you type if you do not have access to two iPads.

- Amilia logs me out of my account whenever I’ve clicked on the Kiosk and then try to access a different tab. Is this normal?

This is expected behavior. The Kiosk is meant to be customer facing so you should be using a separate computer to display it. If you need to make changes in an account or configuration, do so from another workstation. The saved changes will update automatically on the Kiosk.

- I'm tracking check-ins with account balances. I have a child whose account owner owes a balance for a different activity, not the one I’m tracking. The system won’t stop flagging the child as having a balance due. Can I stop this? 

Amilia will track balances that are in the account owner’s name. This means that if a family has several members who are registered to an activity but one of those activities has not yet been paid in full, this account is considered to have a balance. You will have to manually deselect your control from tracking balances (temporarily) in order to grant the child access. 

- Is there any way to delete a client I’ve checked in? 

Once you’ve scanned or entered a client’s Amilia ID, you cannot remove the entry record. This is to ensure that the check-in cannot be modified in any way. Simply ignore the record.

- Can I purchase any scanner? What about Bluetooth devices?

Click here to see a list of scanners we have tested and that work with Access Management.

Most plugin scanners require no other setup than connecting it to your computer or laptop. Wireless and Bluetooth may require additional setup. In theory, any scanner should work however it MUST have 2D capabilities. This is what allows the scanner to scan the bar code displayed on the Amilia app or on the printed membership card.

- Can I change the Amilia ID on a client’s membership card? 

The Amilia ID is automatically generated by Amilia and is found in each client’s file via Clients>Account Members under the Personal Info section. It cannot be changed.

- How can my clients get access to their membership cards on their mobile phone?

Clients can download the Amilia app.

- Why must a scanner be used for the Kiosk? 

The Kiosk is meant to free up your time! If you have a scanner set up where the client has access to it, you won’t have to be present to scan each individual. That being said, if your access control has Balance check enabled, a client with a balance cannot proceed. Administrator intervention is required.

Still have questions? Contact us at support@amilia.com!

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