NOTE: Custom invoice items have moved from the Account > Invoice to Discounts and fees > Custom invoice items.

Administrators have the ability to add custom fees and/or rebates when registering a client on their behalf, directly in the client's account, when replacing an activity, etc. 

Create a custom invoice item

Via the Discounts and fees > Custom invoice items subtab:

  • Click on + New custom invoice item.

  • Label: This is the title of your invoice item. It will appear on client invoices as well as your reports. 

  • Type: Is this an extra fee or a rebate? 

  • Assign a ledger code to your invoice item. 

  • Save.

Modify, Deactivate or Delete

  • Click Modify to make changes to a custom invoice item. NOTE: You cannot modify a custom invoice item if it has been used. 

  • You can Deactivate a custom invoice if it has already been used but you no longer need it. You can always activate it again. 

  • You can only Delete/Remove a custom invoice item if it has never been used. 

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