The wait list management page allows you to manage participants on a wait list by easily keeping tabs on clients you have contacted, including whether they are no longer interested or have been registered when a spot becomes available.

Before getting started, make sure you've activated an activity's wait list.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. Which permissions are required to manage wait lists

  2. Where to find the wait list management page

  3. How to use the wait list management page

    - Wait list statuses explained

    - Actions explained

    - Manually send email notifications

  4. FAQ

1. Required Administrator Permissions

Admins require a permission to access the wait list management page, as well as other permissions depending on which actions they need to perform. By default, account owners can access everything.

๐Ÿ”‘ Activity registration information: This permission is necessary to view the wait list management page, edit the Notes section and download the wait list report.

๐Ÿ”‘ View client accounts: Allows you to see the account owner's email, phone number and click the participant link to jump to the client's account.

๐Ÿ”‘ Invoicing: Gives you access to the Skip/Unskip/Register buttons.

๐Ÿ”‘ Modify activities: Use the link to change the wait list settings.

2. Where is the Wait List Management Page?

You can access the wait list management page the In Activities>Registration subtab.

  • As shown below, click on the activity and then on Wait List.


  • In the Activities>Registration subtab, click on the list icon under the Wait list column. This icon appears after an activity's wait list is enabled. Once clients are added to the list, it becomes a hyperlink to the wait list management page.

3. How to Use the Wait List Management Page

The wait list management page is the same for manual and automated wait lists.

  • On the top left, you can see how many people on the wait list have a 'Waiting' status. On the right, click the export icon to download the wait list report.

  • The Rank column shows the order in which participants were added to the wait list. Automated wait lists that offer spots in order of registration will send email notifications in this order.

  • The Participant column shows the participants on the wait list. With the proper permission, clicking on their name brings you to their account in the Clients tab. The Account owner column shows the contact details. The email address is used when sending wait list notifications.

  • The Added on column shows the date the participant was added to the wait list.

  • The Last email column tracks when the most recent automated email notification was sent.

  • Add Notes if you need to (which only appear in the wait list management page).

  • The Status column changes depending on which actions have been taken.

  • The Actions column allows an admin to Skip, Unskip or Register a participant.

๐Ÿ•’ Wait List Statuses Explained

Here is the list of statuses that can appear in the Status column.

๐Ÿ“‘ Actions Explained

For manual wait lists, the admin uses these actions to update a participant's status. For automated wait lists, the participant can choose to skip/register, or the admin can use these actions to update the status.

  • Skip: The admin uses this action if the wait-listed participant is no longer interested in claiming the open spot. For automated wait lists, the participant can also click on the 'Remove me from wait list' option from the automated email.

  • Unskip: Only the admin can perform this action, which reverts the participant's status to 'Waiting'. You may want to unskip if you accidentally skipped someone.

  • Register: The admin uses this action to register a participant from the wait list. For automated wait lists, the participant can also click on the 'Register now' option from the automated email. Both the admin and the participant are redirected to the online store to complete the purchase.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Admins can override class limits and register a participant directly from the wait list, regardless if the class is full. However, an admin cannot add a participant to the wait list once the class is full or if the participant isn't eligible for the activity.

To register a participant that is not otherwise eligible for the activity, you must add a purchase via the client's account to bypass all restrictions.

โœ‰๏ธ Manually Send Email Notifications

Whereas automated wait lists automatically send pre-filled email notifications when a spot opens, manual wait lists do not.

In the Activities>Registration subtab, add a checkmark next to the activity and click on Operations>Send an email to people on a wait list.

  • Unlike with automated email notifications, you must write the body of the email.

  • The email is sent to everyone on the wait list with a 'Waiting' status. It does not send the email to participants with a registered, unregistered, expired or skipped status.

  • Sending an email manually does not update the Last email column on the wait list management page. Only automated email notifications are tracked there.

To send a participant an email (without emailing everyone else on the wait list), go to the Clients>People subtab, add a check mark to the participant's name and click on Operations>Send e-mail. This email is tracked in the Communications tab.

Alternatively, you can send an email to a single participant on the wait list by clicking the email under the Account owner column, however this email will not originate from Amilia (it will open on your computer's Outlook account, for example).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main differences between manual and automated wait lists?

Need a recap on the main differences between manual and automated wait lists? You can read more in-depth explanations from this article, or refer to the table below.

Wait List Management

Manual Wait List

Automated Wait List

Automated email notifications


Yes. If necessary, the admin can also send emails manually.


Only the admin can register a participant on a manual wait list.

Participants can select the 'Register now' option from the automated email.

Admins can also register the participant.


Only the admin can change the participant's status to 'Skipped'.

Participant can select the 'Remove me from wait list' option from the automated email.

Their status is updated to 'Skipped'.


Only the admin can unskip a participant.

Only the admin can unskip a participant.

Last email column

Never shows.

Shows when an automated email notification was last sent to the participant.

2. If my activity is full and I decide to add extra spots, will this affect my wait list?

If an activity is full and you choose to add extra spots, pay attention to your wait list. If your wait list is automated, participants that have not registered will be sent an email notification that spots have become available.

To add extra spots to a full class without alerting clients on the wait list, edit the activity's Wait List configuration (in the Activities>Edit subtab) and uncheck the โ€˜Send an automatic email notification when a spot becomes availableโ€™ and save the activity. This disables automatic email notifications without disabling your wait list.

3. What happens if I have an open spot but no one on the wait list wants it?

If a spot opens on an activity that was previously full, the participants on your wait list have priority. If, however, they do not want the spot (e.g., you have skipped them, or their time is up) then the activity spot is open to all eligible participants in the store.

However, if another spot opens, then SmartRec will send another notification to the participants on the wait list to see if they are interested. If none are, then again, the spot becomes available for registration in the store to all (eligible) participants.

4. As an admin, I can register participants to an activity even if they are not eligible. Why can't I add them to a wait list?

Although administrators have the power to override most restrictions, they cannot add a participant to a wait list if the participant is not eligible for the activity. The wait list sends email notifications to participants when a spot becomes available, prompting them to register to the activity in the store.

A participant who is not eligible to register would still receive the email notification, but they would not be able to register themselves. An administrator would still be required to perform the registration on their behalf.

5. Can I change a manual wait list to an automated one?

You can switch the type of wait list at any time, but consider the following:

  • Say your manual wait list has participants already added, but no spot has opened. If you switch it to an automated wait list and a spot opens, they will be sent an automated email notification.

  • If a spot opened (but was unclaimed) by anyone on the manual wait list before it was switched to an automated wait list, no automated email notification will be sent. Only if a new spot opens, will the automated email be sent.

  • If the wait list setting is switched from automatic email notifications to manual registrations, SmartRec won't allow people to register themselves when a spot opens up, nor does the participant's email status change under the Status column.

6. If a spot opens and 2 people on the automatic wait list do not register within the time delay, the spot opens to the public. Next time a spot opens, will they be sent another email to get a second chance?

Automated wait lists will go through the list of participants until someone claims an open spot or everyone on the list is 'skipped'. If another spot opens up, the process restarts. Here is what you can expect in this scenario:

  • A spot opens.

  • An email is sent to those on wait list (in order, or all at once).

  • No one from the wait list is interested (skipped or time's up), hence the spot opens to the public in the store.

  • A new spot opens. Those with a 'Time's up' or 'Waiting' status will receive another email notification to offer them priority to register.

  • If no one from the wait list is interested (skipped or time's up), the spot opens to the public in the store.

7. Does a participant know whether there is a maximum amount of time allowed to claim an open spot?

Participants are not aware of the maximum time allowed to register (if applicable).

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