To save you time, we made the activity cancellation process easier! If your organization allows it, you can cancel an activity and get a refund directly in Amilia's mobile app

To use this feature, the activity must not have started. The cost of the activity must also be superior to $0 and must have been paid with a credit card in a single transaction (no installments and no discounts).

To cancel an activity, follow these steps:

  • Go in the mobile app and tap the activity you want to cancel.

  • Below the activity’s information, tap Cancel this event.

Depending on the organization's cancellation policy, one of these messages appear:

  • In the first situation, a cancellation policy has been configured and allows you to cancel from the mobile app. You can see which policy criteria will be applied to your cancellation. Confirm you cancellation by tapping Terminate enrollment. The refund is automatically process in your account. You can see it in the Billing tab when selecting the appropriate organization.

  • In the second situation, a cancellation policy has been configured but doesn’t allow the cancellation in the mobile app or no cancellation policy has been set. You must contact the organization directly to cancel the activity. .

If you registered using a Multipass, some organizations will allow you to cancel and reschedule on your own. For more information, please refer to the following article.

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