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  • What is a service fee? (1:33)

  • What’s the benefit of charging a service fee? (2:02)

  • What it looked like before and what it applied to (2:42)

  • What it looks like now and where it applies to at present (3:50)

  • Examples of how an admin can override the service fee (6:09)

  • How these changes affect you (6:53)

  • Service fee checklist (8:00)

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For a detailed breakdown of how to set up your Service Fee, check out this article.


I still have the old service fee version, when will we see the new one?

You will be able to see the new setup under the Discounts and fees tab by Saturday. Service Fee will also become an app available in the app store on Monday, October 19. By default, the app will appear as activated in your back office. If you don’t wish to charge a service fee, you can go to the app store and deactivate the app.

For organizations already charging a service fee, will the old configuration transfer over to the new Service Fee setup?

If your current service fee configuration is a dollar amount, a percentage, or a combination of both, your setting will carry over. However, we have sunset the older slice option so if your organization was using that, you will need to set up your service fee from scratch. Either way, we recommend that you review your setup to make sure you are sufficiently covered.

Does this apply to fees charged depending on the client’s postal code?

No – that only happens if you have created a fee by location from Discounts and fees > Fees. The service fee is a line item that will appear every time an invoice is created irrespective of the client’s location.

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