Students may need to stop a testing process mid-stream.

This article will:

a.) provide you with a protocol to handle situations where a test needs to be interrupted before completion.

b.) walk you through what to do when students have incomplete assessments or practice sessions.

Pausing An Assessment

To support solid psychometrics, the right way to "pause" a test is simply to break off the session. This can be done by logging the student out or just closing the browser.

Then, to resume the assessment, just have the student log back in. At that point, Amira will resume the test at the beginning of the section interrupted. Amira will not go back to the beginning of the test, but will return to the run of items within a given assessment task.

👉 EXAMPLE: Suppose a student completed the RAN portion of the assessment but did not complete the Word Naming task that comes next. Given that the session is broken off during Word Naming, Amira will pick up at the beginning of the Word Naming task the next time a student logs in. The assessment then continues to completion.

What happens after a session is dropped during the Assessment:

a.) The teacher will see an "Incomplete" status on the Tracking Report until the student logged back in and completed the assessment.

b.) The student's test data so far will be stored.

c.) The student's test will not be scored.

Resuming An Incomplete Assessment

To complete an assessment, just have the student log in. Amira will pick up at the start of the task where work was stopped.

Pausing Practice

To pause a practice section, just log the student out or close the Amira browser tab or or close the browser.

Resuming Practice

If students are reading in Practice mode and close out the browser or stop reading for a significant time period, Amira will terminate the session. The next time the student logs into Amira, they will be presented with a selection of 5 stories to choose from, which may include the terminated story. Unfinished stories do not (yet) show up on the teacher's Progress Report or the usage reports.

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