If Amira was purchased from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – whether by itself or as part of the Into Reading curriculum – you can access Amira from HMH's Ed platform.

❗ Note: If Amira was purchased directly, or if belong to an international school or after-school program, see this guide for rostering set up.

Let's walk through the 5 steps of getting students, teachers, and instructional leaders access to Amira through HMH Ed.

Step 1. Access the platform as an HMH Ed Admin

First, log in

Instructions for logging in for the first time, registering your account, and setting up roles and permissions are available at HMH Ed: Your Friend in Learning Administrator Help.

Next, register & activate your account

The first time new district Ed Administrators sign in to HMH Ed, the new Ed Administrators must register and activate their accounts.

  1. Use the link within the HMH Access Notifications email from HMHAccessNotifications@hmhco.com to open the registration page

  2. Enter the 8-digit order confirmation number. The Ed platform order confirmation email (a separate email) will contain the 8-digit order number needed to register for the account

  3. Register the account using the information provided in an initial email from HMH

Finally, activate licenses

  1. In HMH Ed's banner, click Licenses

  2. Click Connected Products

  3. Locate the Amira card and click Activate will appear, click the check box to confirm and click Agree

Step 2. Roster in HMH Ed

Create classes and user accounts (admin)

Administrators can add users, classes and enrollments manually or via mass import methods. Instructions on how to import rosters, add teachers, and add administrators, are available on the Ed: Your Friend in Learning Administrator Help site. By default, teachers may manually add and edit their own students and classes; however, we encourage administrators to learn more about recommended permission settings.

Associate your classes with Amira (teachers)

Once Amira is activated and user accounts are set up, teachers must manually enable Amira for each of their classes in order for the teacher and students to gain access to Amira. See article How do I manage programs?

Step 3. Understand the Amira Admin permissions

The various Amira Admin permissions allow instructional leaders to analyze data in a dashboard, extract aggregated data, mass-assign assessments, and more. The following table summarizes the available permissions, what they allow you to do, and how to access them:

To learn more about each of these abilities and how to grant access to them, see What are the Admin tools and permissions?

Use this survey link to request an Amira Admin user account. Multiple users may request this role, and access is available at a school level or district level. Once you complete the survey, Amira will send you the login and password information. You will go to https://www.amiratutor.com/ and log in with your Amira Admin credentials.

Note: School-level Amira Admins can only be assigned to and access data for one school.

Step 4. Set up instructional leaders as "team teachers"

Instructional leaders at the building and district level charged with supporting teachers will want to view classroom-level reports. In order to grant the ability to "see" classroom level reports, they must have a "teacher" role in HMH Ed and be assigned as "team teachers" to every class.

To see the step-by-step, review How do I access teacher-level reports (HMH Ed)?

Note: You may turn off the HMH ED redirect setting, enabling all users to use either the SSO or Standard Ed Login. We suggest that you turn the redirect setting off temporarily while you access your other accounts, and then turn it back on again when you are done.

Step 5. Navigate HMH Ed as a teacher and student

  1. Learn how to launch from Ed into Amira as a teacher. Teachers and students must launch Amira from HMH Ed to ensure their content permissions and HMH Ed rosters are properly recognized in Amira

  2. Learn how to launch from Ed into Amira as a student

  3. As a part of the Readiness Checklist, make sure you've tested the launch from HMH Ed to Amira on the actual devices students will be using

Note: Teachers must launch Amira from HMH Ed at least once in order for student-level class information to populate onto the Dashboards and usage reports.

Rostering Support

We are here to support your school or district as you begin using HMH Ed and Amira together. You can access the Teacher Support area inside HMH Ed or:

  • For Live Chat support (Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.mm ET), please use the 'Chat' icon in the bottom right hand corner inside Amira email support@amiralearning.com.

  • For HMH Technical Support (Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET), call 800.323.9239 or email techsupport@hmhco.com.

  • For HMH Rostering Support (Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET), call 800.323.9239 or email usermaintenance-esd@hmhco.com.

☎️ Book a time to discuss rostering or technical questions for HMH Ed + Amira.

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