Instructional leaders like coaches, principals, and district coordinators will want to access real-time data in student-level reports. Here's how you set up instructional leaders in HMH Ed so that they can best support teachers and students.

Step 1. Log into HMH Ed

Go to or log into HMH Ed through your district's SSO portal (Single Sign-On). A District Admin role in HMH Ed is needed in order to perform the steps below.

❗ Note: Contact us via Chat if you need help locating your HMH Ed District Administrator.

Step 2. Create teacher roles for instructional leaders

From the HMH Ed Dashboard, under My Schools, click Create User

Click the radio button next to Teacher. Fill in the school or schools, name, email address, and username. The same email address may be used as your District Admin role, just create a different username. Click Save.

The person for whom you created a teacher role will receive a “Welcome” email. During Step 3, the person will open that email and activate the teacher account.

STEP 3: Add the user as a “team teacher” to every class the person would want to view

  1. Stay logged in as the District Admin in HMH Ed

  2. Under My Schools, click on Classes then click Edit next to the class to edit

3. Click Edit Class

4. Under Team Teachers field, type the name of the teacher needing to be added, and click Save

5. Repeat this step for all classes accessing Amira and every role (e.g. principal, instructional coach) needing to have access to reports within Amira

STEP 4: Log in as a Teacher in HMH Ed and launch Amira

  1. The instructional leaders for whom you completed Step 3 may go to the Welcome to Ed: Your Friend in Learning email and click the link to activate their account.

2. Instructional leaders can then go to the Discover tab and click Open next to the Amira icon

Next, a new tab will launch into the teacher WebApp. Note that the drop-down menu will display all classes the "team teacher" has been granted access to.

Teachers will need to authorize Amira (or assign Amira to their class) in “Manage Programs” in order for students to access Amira through HMH Ed.

Common Questions

Why can't I see teacher-level reports if I already have an HMH Ed Admin role?

To launch Amira from HMH Ed, you must be logged into HMH Ed as a teacher. District and School Admin roles in Ed have permissions related to rostering students and teachers in Ed, but cannot launch Amira from within Ed.

Why can't I see teacher-level reports if I already have an HMH Ed Admin role?

Depending on how you roster, team teachers can be set up as follows:

You may also import teacher, class, and student information from a SIS or import file. Please visit HMH Ed Online Help for step-by-step instructions.

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