At least 3 weeks before students begin using or teachers train, we recommend that you complete these steps.

Step 1: Go through the Readiness Checklist

  1. Check that the devices meet the System Requirements. Share this document with your IT Department and make sure they enable the **always allow** content filter list

  2. Set up student devices using our step-by-step guides:

  3. Try out Amira as a student! See what teachers see in the reports

  4. Now, repeat the steps in the Readiness Checklist with actual students and their devices

Step 2: Reach out if you need troubleshooting support

If you are unable to troubleshoot using our Help Center articles below, reach out to your Customer Success Lead for support. You can also chat with us.

☎️ Book a time to discuss rostering or technical questions for HMH Ed + Amira.

Step 3: Try out the devices with actual students in a classroom setting

We're repeating this step because, yes, this step is that important!

For more information about this and other related topics, feel free to register for the free getting started with Amira pathways for teachers, administrators, and others here:

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