Students can read with Amira in English while they receive translated directions, prompts, and interventions in Spanish. (Note that this mode is different from Spanish mode, which is Spanish reading with Spanish help.)

Student Access

Every time an Amira in Spanish student logs in, they will need to be directed to click on the gear icon.

Enter the password "leyendo" > Enter:

‍Once students login, all directions, instructions and prompts will be translated.

After a student's session has saved, all data will populate the teacher Review Activity and Reports.


  • The password "leyendo" is the same for all students.

  • Reports do not currently call out Spanish administration.

  • Amira’s assessment items have been extensively tested with English Learner students. The DIF (differential item functioning) analysis shows no bias. See this Research on Amira for more information.

  • Assessments with Spanish supports are scored in precisely the same way as English assessments.

  • Please see your district or school policy regarding appropriate accommodations for Spanish-speaking students.

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