This article walks through the process administrators use to export data from students' most recent Dyslexia Screener and/or Benchmark assessment.


  • You must have Amira Admin credentials to be able to export data:

  • Each student's most recent assessment activity (not all historical data) will populate the export.

  • Only assessment data will export; practice data is not available

  • This file also contains duplicate student data rows that need to be "cleaned."

You can access a Practice usage data file in your Dropbox folder. This data is refreshed weekly.

Why would I export data when I can just get it from the Dropbox folder?

The Dropbox folder refreshes weekly whereas the export function is available on-demand.

What data is exported in the CSV?

This file includes the following data columns for each student's most recent Benchmark and/or Dyslexia Screener assessment. To learn more about the information in this file, review our Data File Dictionary.

  • School

  • Class

  • Grade

  • Assessment Date

  • Student ID

  • Sourced ID

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Activity ID

  • WCPM Score

  • Adjusted WCPM Score

  • AREA Score

  • ESRI Score

  • Vocab Size

  • Phonetic Awareness Score

  • Dyslexia Risk Category

  • Dyslexia Risk Indicator

A sample CSV export can be downloaded here.

How to Export District or School-Level Assessment Data

1. Log into with an administrator account to access the Admin tools.

2. Click District-Wide Results.

3. For the entire district, select Download Report in the District-Level Report section beside the report you would like to view.

  • The BOY, MOY, and EOY reports refresh weekly over the weekend. These reports provide detailed assessment data for each of the Amira assessment windows.

  • The Tracking_*OY report can be used to identify which students have not yet completed their assessment during the current testing window. Learn more about the District-Level Tracking Report here.

If you wish to view an individual school's data, select a school in the drop-down menu > click Download Report.

Note: Only one school report pane displays at a time. To view another school’s report options, select the school name from the drop-down menu. The newly chosen school replaces the previous selection.

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