If your school or district has purchased an HMH curriculum such as Into Reading or Amira on its own, you will start your experience in HMH Ed.

  1. Log into Ed and click/tap the Discover tab

  2. If you have other HMH programs such as Into Reading or Into Literature, you will click/tap on the drop-down arrow next to the grade. Select Amira

Note: You may notice your Ed page looks different than the one above. If your school or district purchased Amira on its own through HMH Ed, you will click/tap on the Discover tab. You may need to use the drop-down option under Select a program to locate Amira.

3. Click/tap the Open button within the Amira tile

4. Once you successfully launch Amira from HMH Ed, you will land on the Review Activity page where the most recent assessment or practice session (toggle button) will appear for students who have completed those activities

5. Click/tap on the drop-down menu on the left side of the page to see the classes that are rostered to you

Note: If you are missing a class you expect to see, check to see if the class is showing within HMH Ed; then, re-launch from HMH Ed into Amira

6. You will also see the students who have been rostered to your class when you click/tap on Reports > Tracking Report inside Amira

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