The Amira System Requirements below lists system and device requirements to run Amira, including:

  • Device and Browser Versions

  • Headsets

  • Browser Settings

  • Network Requirements

  • Firewall and Content Filter Requirements

You can print this document in PDF form here: Amira System Requirements.pdf

Device and Browser Versions

Amira operates best using Google Chrome but is supported by the following devices and web browsers. Amira is not compatible with tablets (except for iPads) or smartphones.



Operating System


Device Setup

Desktop or Laptop with Windows

Minimum 4GB of RAM

Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.x through 10.x


(ver. 60+)

Microsoft Edge

(ver. 16)


(ver. 60+)

Windows-Based PC Setup


Minimum 4GB of RAM

Chrome OS version 59 or later; iOS 17 or later


(ver. 60+)


(ver. 60+)

Chromebook Setup


Minimum 4GB of RAM

Macintosh OS X 10.10.x through 11


(ver. 60+)


(ver. 11.1+)

Mac Setup



iPad iOS 12 (minimum) or later

Only Safari (ver. 11.1 and higher)

iPad Setup

* iPads are compatible with student users; teachers must log in on a non-iPad device


  • Noise cancelling microphone, ideally optimized for dictation software.

  • Dual, over-ear or on-ear earphones.‍

  • No controls - avoid headsets with accessible mute and volume controls.

  • Choose a microphone with a long enough boom (arm) to extend in front of a student's mouth.

  • Connector - a USB, analog connection is preferred for non-iOS devices.

  • Choose a headset that can hold up to repeated student use.

We recommend a headset without a mute button and with a USB such as the Logitech Education Headset w/ Microphone - USB. For iPads, the Logitech 3.5mm Headset for the Classroom. If the 3.5mm headset needs an adapter, we strongly recommend an Apple brand lightning adapter or USB-C adapter.

Network Requirements

  • Speed must be at least 10 mbps or higher inbound and outbound for a single classroom of students.

  • Network Interface Cards supporting TCP/IP (wireless networks, including 802.11a, 802.11g, or 802.11n)

  • During peak device use on campus, test network speed.

  • For at home use, most standard internet plans provide adequate bandwidth for Amira. However, internet speed may be variable depending on at home use with other devices.

Browser Settings

  • Browsers must maintain 100% zoom level

  • Never remember credentials for

  • Pop-up blockers must allow for reports to function correctly

  • Siri must be disabled on iPads in the Safari settings

Firewall and Content Filter Requirements

Firewalls, Content Filters, Proxy Servers, and Virus Protection can impact Amira’s overall performance significantly, even in cases where bandwidth appears sufficient. Whenever possible, bypass content filters and proxy servers and ensure that the proxy server cache is properly configured.

Always allow ("whitelist") the following domains in your school’s firewall and allow for HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) connections.*




wss://* (websocket for speech)

*Sometimes a more generic URL is needed to be added to the custom allow list... simply ** (no wss, no http, no https... just the wildcards on both ends of

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