About Amira Learning

Amira is like reading with your teacher or with anyone else. At times (such as when reading for a test), Amira will listen to you read and will not interrupt your reading. At other times, Amira will talk with you to give you help with reading and/or understanding the words. Amira may also ask you questions about the story you read.

Are you excited to get started? Amira is ready for you! Let's start with these few steps to get going.

STEP 1: Log In

  1. Have your username and password (that you were given from your teacher) ready for logging in

  2. Go to either your district's website for logging into Amira or to HMH Ed (https://www.hmhco.com/ui/login/)

    1. ❗Note: If you go to school outside of the United States or are reading during an after-school program, log in by going to https://www.amiratutor.com/, and typing in your username and password

  3. Select Country, if needed

  4. Enter State

  5. Enter District/Independent School (this field will appear after selecting State)

  6. Click/Tap Next

  7. Follow additional instructions for logging in, if needed

STEP 2a: Start Reading with Practice Stories (also see the next step (STEP 2b) if you are taking an assessment instead of reading a Practice story)

1. Make Sure the Microphone Works

If logging into Amira for the first time, you may need to enable the microphone. After logging in, you might have a question pop upon your screen that asks for permission to access the microphone.

  1. Click/Tap Allow

2. Begin Reading a Story

If this is the first time you are using Amira on a device, Amira may take several minutes to load. After Amira has loaded, you will:

  1. Click/Tap Let’s do it

3. Choose What to Do

  1. Click/Tap Read a story to read a Practice story

    1. If reading a Practice story for the first time, Amira will begin the story after clicking/tapping Read a story

  2. If not reading a Practice story for the first time, Amira will give you choices for which story you would like to read

    1. Click/Tap the story of your choice

4. Saving What You Read

After you are done reading with Amira, wait for a moment or two before closing your computer screen because Amira needs just a little bit of time to save your reading with her. You will see the following message reminding you to wait just a little bit while she finishes saving your reading.

Amira will also show you how many words you read correctly as well as the percent of accuracy at the end of each story.

STEP 2b: Take a Test (Assessment)

Sometimes, your teacher may want you to read to Amira to take a test (or assessment). During this time, Amira will listen to you read, but Amira will not help you with your reading.

If this is the first time Amira has been used on the device, Amira may take several minutes to load.

  1. Amira will explain the directions for taking the test/assessment and/or reading the story. She will encourage you to do your best! She will also remind you to speak clearly into your microphone, to sound out unknown words, and to skip words, if needed

  2. Amira will count down by saying Ready, Set, Start!

  3. Then, you will do your best while reading what Amira shows on your computer

    1. Note: When reading a story, circles will show on the bottom of the screen to let you know how many story pages have been completed

    2. Note: Keep reading until you are either finished with the whole story or until Amira let's you know that you do not need to read anymore

  4. When you have finished reading, Amira will say 'thank you,' and you will see a Great Work! message on the screen for all of the great work you did

  5. Lastly, make sure to wait a little bit until Amira finishes saving your reading. After she is done saving, she will log you out

STEP 3: See Progress

You can see you own progress after reading with Amira. After you log in,

  1. Click/Tap Let’s do it

  2. Click/Tap See progress to see reading progress

STEP 4: Set Goals

You can set and track you own reading goals. Talk with your teacher about setting reading goals. Here are some Printable Goal Setting Sheets.

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