The purpose of this article is to give you tips for enabling your microphone if you're using the Firefox web browser. You’ll need to give Firefox permission to access the mic on student devices.

How do I give Firefox permission?

Firefox should ask for permission to access the microphone the first time you use Amira. You should only need to give Amira permission once. When you launch from HMH Ed and you see the following message at the top of your browser window, click Allow.

How do I re-enable access to the microphone in Firefox?

If you do not get a prompt to enable your microphone, or you begin using Amira and get an alert at the beginning of a session about enabling your microphone, follow these steps:

1. Start by clicking the small microphone icon on the left side of the browser address bar.

2. In the pop up that appears, click the (x) that appears to the right of the “Use the Microphone” option

If no microphone displays, you may need to adjust your system settings to recognize a microphone. See instructions in next section.

Firefox has access to the microphone but Amira still can’t hear my child. What do I do?

You may need to change your system preferences to recognize your device’s internal microphone. Here's how:


  1. Right click the volume icon on the taskbar and then select Sounds.

  2. In the Recording tab, find the microphone you'd like to use.

  3. If its status is Disabled, right click it and choose Enable.

  4. To adjust the volume, double click the microphone and adjust the volume in the Levels tab.


  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner.

  2. Select System Preferences.

  3. Click the Sound option.

  4. In the Input tab, select your microphone and adjust the volume to at least 50%. .

  5. Close (x) the window when you’re finished.

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